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Throughout the last year, there have been an overwhelming amount of shifts within the corporate travel and meetings and events industry. In order to best support our customers, partners and other industry professionals, BCD strived to provide timely insight and expertise to get not just get us through, but to come out stronger. Here, we highlight some of the webinars hosted by our experts that can help provide applicable knowledge as we start moving forward.

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On Demand Webinars Brought to you by BCD

People, Wellbeing and Traveler Confidence

Health and wellbeing have been leading topics in conversations for many months. Now, as we begin to move back into shared offices and business travel beings to pick up, we discuss how to build confidence and help create a smooth transition. This webinar is hosted in partnership with BCD Travel.

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2021 Trends: A Look at the Future of Meetings and Events

In this webinar, hear about what we learned in 2020 how what trends we're forecasting for 2021. We cover duty of care considerations, virtual vs. face to face meeting strategies, partnering with HR, security and safety teams - and everything you need to make sure your strategy delivers result in this new future.

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Hybrid Events - Approach, Strategy and the Importance of Content

Hybrid solutions will guide meeting & event culture for the foreseeable future. These types of events help bridge the gap between fully virtual and in-person meetings until we can all safely come together again. This session covers how to approach your meetings strategy, highlights the importance of content over technology, and provides tactics to engage audiences on a meaningful level.

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Modern Meetings 2.0: Business Planning in Uncertain Times for Your Meetings Program

BCD M&E produced a modern meeting strategy toolkit to give you the resources you need to successfully and safely re-design your meetings management program for our new future. We will provide a refresh of the toolkit's thought starters, tools and industry information that is relevant for today's Meetings program, and future forward as we look to 2021 and beyond. We'll be focused on new learnings and insights since last shared with you (just a few short months ago) - specifically related to on-site at meetings & events.

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Travelers with immunity and health passports

When and how business travel will resume is the focus of a 30-minute webinar from BCD Travel. Experts talk vaccines, digital passports and other regulatory measures that can help spur business travel’s return.


The path forward: Health essentials that will drive business travel

To re-open borders without quarantine and resume safe travel, both travelers and governments need to be confident that they are effectively mitigating the risk of the COVID-19 infection. But are vaccines the only consideration for travelers itching to get back to the road? Hear from BCD Travel as they discuss the main concerns of travelers, the role of digital passports and more.

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