Values Matter: Asia Pacific

Our Values. Your Service.

At BCD Meetings & Events, we pride ourselves on our people as much as our service. People who are perfectionists, artists, strategic thinkers and leaders. People who continually live by our core values not only within office walls, but outside of work as well. We’re proud to highlight our employees, from all over the globe, in our Regional Stories Series.

Every value has a story

Hear from our team in Asia Pacific

APAC Value Story

Asia Pacific, a region rich with various cultures, religions, languages and history, requires a unique skill set to navigate the nuanced waters. Our experience, knowledge and understanding in the region allows us to use our global scope to deliver better locally. Read how in our Asia Pacific Value Story.

In Asia Pacific, It's All About the Customer

While global, we don’t shy away from staying local, even in the world’s largest region. Hear from Lisa Hopkins, Managing Director of Asia Pacific and Fernando Lonergan, Senior Director, Australia & Regional Sales & Solutions on how our Asia Pacific team creates personal connections among cultural diversity.



Watch how our local team remained a supportive force for clients during the tragic 2017 Mexico Earthquake in our Latin America Value Story.

Originally published Apr 15, 2019 5:07:32 PM
Last updated on Jan 5, 2023 9:37:24 AM

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