The Importance of Performance Optimization in Meetings & Events

Performance optimization - the important checks and balance system for almost any type of work. At BCD Meetings & Events, it's the cornerstone for allowing our company to thrive, as well as our clients. When implemented correctly, performance optimization can lead to powerful and lasting improvements for both parties.

In the meetings and events industry, we have a responsibility to our clients to enable the most efficient processes possible. Although there are many reasons why performance optimization is important, here are three ways it can directly benefit your client.

How performance optimization
benefits clients

It can produce cost savings

The first building block of performance optimization is streamlining processes. When a company reviews processes and is able to standardize and template them for a client, the entire flow becomes more efficient.  That efficiency equates to cost savings for the client.  If the team drives efficiency into its processes, they’re going to save time, and may or may not need less staff members to support. One example of this is the centralized sourcing that goes into an SMM program. A team can benefit a client by driving adoption to a preferred hotel program or introducing technology to send RFPs electronically.

Why Performance Optimization is Important in Meetings and Events | BCD Meetings & Events

It creates consistency in customer service

Training is a second key component of performance optimization. When teams make time to regularly focus on the basics and ensure their members are following the same steps for each process, it not only makes their jobs easier; it also drives consistency in customer service for clients. While teams cannot always align the same staff member with meeting owners for every communication, ensuring all team members are properly trained will ensure clients receive consistent service.

It allows for deeper knowledge of your business

Growth and succession planning may seem an unlikely component of performance optimization, especially from a client standpoint. Yet when an organization actively creates opportunities for team members to be heard and grow within their company, it has ripple effects for clients. Team members are more likely to stay with the company longer, allowing for deeper knowledge development as well as deeper understanding of the client’s business and processes.

In addition to these primary areas of performance optimization, we employ specific measures to ensure our team members follow protocol. These include annual performance evaluations, regular one-on-one meetings between employees and managers, and service-level agreements (SLAs) with clients to ensure teams are meeting or exceeding expectations on every project.


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Originally published May 28, 2019 5:37:21 PM
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Ingrid Bahr

Written by Ingrid Bahr

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